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7 Day Diet

7 Day Diet. Information on and review of the 7 Day Diet

7 Day Diet Review

The 7 day diet is a popular diet for some obvious reasons: the diet helps you lose a bit of weight and it only takes 7 days. The diet has been around for many years in a number of formats, but the basics are easy to understand.

What type of diet is the 7 Day Diet?

The 7 day diet is a “crash diet” that relies on a sharp decrease in caloric consumption to spur a negative calorie situation in which the dieter loses weight quickly. Basically, the dieter embarks on a one week low calorie diet that should spur rapid weight loss.

The drawbacks of the 7 Day Diet

The 7 Day Diet has a flaw that is endemic to all low calorie short-term crash diets. The decrease in calories can usually cause a lowering of weight, but invariably is followed by a quick gain when the calories are introduced again. As you can see, this behavior defeats the original purpose of the diet, and creates a potential vicious cycle when it comes to weight loss and gain.

Summary of the 7 Day Diet

In the event that you have a small amount of weight to lose and need to lose it fast (think of a special event like a high school re-union), you may have some success wiith the 7 Day Diet. However, do not attempt the diet for more than one week or more than 2 times in a year for the best results.

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