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Cyber Dieting

Cyber Dieting

Cyber Dieting

Cyber dieting has been in for a while now. And the trend seems to be picking up. Two things are happening here. #1. With faster technology, more people are going and staying online for longer durations. #2. Increased health awareness and desire to look and stay slim. There is another factor. With lifestyles becoming ever faster, for many there is very little time to visit the gym regularly. Thus what do they do? They go online, check out the various cyber dieting options and place an order online for a pill or a program.

To aid the cyber dieter, there is Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and online communities. Behavioral therapists even send weekly e-mail advice for best results. Cyber dieting is convenient: no need to go anywhere, no need to sit through a meeting, no need to get on a scale in front of other people. You can just privately measure your own weight to know how much to lose and start a program to shed some pounds.

Experts are however not certain whether cyber dieting actually works or not, when compared to traditional methods. A 2001 study by researchers at Brown University found that people who enrolled in a structured online dieting program lost three times more weight in six months than those who casually surfed the Internet for diet information. However according to research conducted at the University of Vermont, the Internet appears to work as well as offline programs in maintaining long-term weight loss.

So if you are cyber dieting, do it well. Do not just buy a pill online: you must also participate in communities and get online counseling. For example, according to a Brown University study, dieters who received Internet counseling sessions lost three times more weight in six months which is 9 pounds, as compared to 3 pounds for those who just accessed diet and exercise web sites.

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