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Caffeine and Dieting

Caffeine and Dieting

Caffeine and Dieting. Information on caffeine and dieting.

Caffeine is a substance that exists naturally in plants. It can also be produced synthetically and used as an additive in certain food products. It is a central nervous system stimulant and a diuretic. Caffeine is frequently added to over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers, appetite suppressants and cold medicines. Caffeine has no flavor and can be removed from a food by a chemical process called decaffeinating. Caffeine is commonly used in coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa and many carbonated beverages such as colas.

The impact of Caffeine as an agent that promotes weight gain has raised concerns. Thus the introduction of calorie free diet sodas, like Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi or Diet-7 Up. These diet sodas are certainly very popular. Weight watchers are now aware of the impact of Caffeine and how dieting is important to control its effect.

Dehydration is a common side effect of drinking too much caffeine. Higher doses of caffeine can cause anxiety, dizziness, headache and can also interfere with normal sleep.

Caffeine and a child’s diet: Caffeine consumption should be closely monitored for a child. Although Caffeine is safe to consume if taken moderately, it may negatively affect a child’s nutrition. It is not right to replace nutrient dense foods such as fruit juices and milk with Caffeinated beverages. Since Caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant, too much of it may lead to the child eating less. In fact, it is advisable to completely restrict Caffeine in a child’s diet, since there is no nutritional need for it. This may be necessary for a hyperactive child as Caffeine is a central nervous stimulant.

Caffeine and diet for pregnant women: Both pregnant women and those who have coronary heart disease or peptic ulcers may be advised by their health care provider to restrict or avoid using Caffeine. This is because many medications will interact with Caffeine. Therefore it is important to consult the health care provider or pharmacist before including Caffeine in the diet.

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