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Chicken Soup Diet

Chicken Soup Diet

Chicken Soup Diet. Review of and information on the Chicken Soup Diet. Chicken Soup Diet Recipe.

Most people love Chicken Soup. It’s been around for years and it’s often considered to be a healthy food choice. Naturally, someone decided to turn this into a diet plan which generates a bit of interest. Functionally, it’s a very easy diet to adhere, but keep in mind, it requires extreme deprivation in calories to succeed.

What category of diet is the Chicken Soup Diet?

The Chicken Soup Diet is a calorie-reduction diet plan. It involves losing weight by sharply reducing the number of calories one consumes in a day. This diet plan will involve eating much less food than usual, and eating a lot more soup than you normally would.

Drawbacks of the Chicken Soup Diet

The drawbacks are sort of obvious. Although some people may truly love chicken soup, it’s doubtful that they would want to build their entire eating plans on it. The basic version of the diet calls for you to eat a breakfast of your choosing in the morning, and then to eat only chicken soup after noon. If you think you can stomach eating only chicken soup after noon, then this disadvantage can be overcome.

Summary of the Chicken Soup Diet

If you have a very small amount of weight to lose, or if you want to jump-start a longer term calorie reduction diet plan, then utilizing the Chicken Soup Diet for a short-term (3-5 days) might be plausible. The severe reduction in calories will probably help drop some immediate weight, but staying on the diet past a few days is not a good plan. For true Chicken Soup lovers, you may be able to do this for a week. Overall, I’d suggest you can skip the Chicken Soup Diet and lower your calories with more variety than a single-component diet plan. But whatever you decide to do, good luck with you plans!

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