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Chocolate Diet

Chocolate Diet

Chocolate Diet. Information on and review of the Chocolate Diet.

Chocolate Diet Review

Chocolate is not usually what you think of when you think of dieting. Chocolate tends to be very calorically dense, and that never makes for an ideal diet food. However, in very small amounts, can aid a dieter.

How can chocolate help a dieter?

Truth be told, there is little evidence that chocolate can have any positive effect on dieting. There have been a few studies that offered some anecdotal evidence that chocolate could help, but the science was sketchy at best.

Drawbacks of the chocolate diet

One word: chocolate! Chocolate is extremely high in calories. It is derived largely from sugar and fat and the effects it has on the body is to add weight through increased calories and not to reduce it. Any other postive effects that chocolate could have on the body are outweighed by the high caloric content. Chocolate is one of the tastiest foods you can find. However, it is decidedly not diet food.

Summary of the Chocolate Diet

This diet is completely bogus! There is no evidence supporting chocolate as an aid for any dieters. Obviously, if eating chocolate made people slim, then there would not be millions of people who are very overweight. Chocolate is a great treat, but must be eaten sparingly when dieting. Please keep searching for a better diet plan than this one.

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