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Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet. Information on and review of the Cholesterol Diet

A high level of Cholesterol in the diet may even lead to heart attack or stroke. While drugs, exercise and other therapies are prescribed, Cholesterol levels are lowered primarily by revising the dietary habits and limiting food that is rich in saturated fat. So what should be part of a Cholesterol diet – and what should not be a part of it?

Food to avoid

Whole milk, cream and ice cream; any food that is made with butter, egg yolk and cheese; bakery items; saturated oils like coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil; too much of meat including kidney and brain; also avoid sausage, bologna, salami and hot dogs; red meat that has not been trimmed; fried foods. This list will include many popular fast food items! So now you know why they are referred to as junk food!

This does not mean that all your favorite foods are out. A Cholesterol diet must include:

Food to eat

Fruits and vegetables – as many as 5 or more servings each day; whole grains like cereal, rice and pasta; lean red meats and poultry products that are without skin; low fat or skim milk dairy products; lean fish and shellfish; beans and peas.

When Cholesterol levels rise above normal limits and stay high, some Cholesterol is left behind in the arteries. Over the years, a hardened, waxy substance called Cholesterol plaque builds up on the artery walls and reduces or blocks blood flow. Organs supplied by these arteries then become damaged because they cannot get the oxygen and nutrients they need. At this stage the body starts to feel the punch!

When high Cholesterol levels are first detected, most doctors put their patients on a Cholesterol diet apart from the regular medications. In most patients, blood Cholesterol levels should begin to drop a few weeks after starting on a Cholesterol-lowering diet. But how much the level would drop, may vary – depending on various factors such as how high the Cholesterol level is and how individual patients respond to the changes. In time, with Cholesterol diet and medication, the levels would be reduced by 10 to 50 milligrams per deciliter or more.

If you have a high Cholesterol level, consult your doctor for the right Cholesterol diet.

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