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Dannon Diet Plan

Dannon Diet Plan

Dannon Diet Plan. We review this yummy diet.

Good physical and mental health, plenty of exercise and a balanced Dannon diet plan constituting nutritious foods like the Dannon Yogurt will keep both your mind and body strong. At least this is what this popular company believes in. The theory is based on a recent study which shows that people on a “high dairy calcium reduced-calorie diet” who consumed 3-4 servings of dairy each day actually lost significantly more weight and abdominal fat than those people on a “low calcium reduced calorie diet” or a “high calcium supplement reduced calorie diet”.

Thus the introduction of the Low-Carb Yogurt by Dannon. According to their web site, each serving contains 3 grams of carbs and 80% less sugar than regular low fat yogurt. In fact, this is the first nationally available, reduced carbohydrate cultured dairy snack, found in the yogurt section. Those who follow this Dannon diet plan can enjoy a delicious and creamy snack that is good to eat and yet lose weight. Since it is so tasty, the participant of the Dannon diet plan is likely to actually look forward to it and not detest it, unlike other health drinks and foods. Thus, it has more chance of success.

The Dannon Company Inc. is based at Tarrytown in N.Y. It is the leading producer of yogurt products in the United States. To maintain its market leadership position, the Dannon company prides itself on consistently delivering high-quality, wholesome products and responding to the needs of the consumers with innovative new products and flavors. In the Dannon diet plan there are more than 100 flavors, styles and sizes.

Apart from the Dannon diet plan, the company has also established the Dannon Institute, a non-profit organization founded to create, encourage and support programs in nutrition and health. The institute enables people of all ages to learn and experience the role a healthy diet plays in maintaining good health for the whole life.

The company has also joined forces with America’s Second Harvest, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, in the fight to end childhood hunger in America.

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